Mounir Mahjoubi : «Le Conseil national du numérique doit être proche du gouvernement»

Dec 19, 2017

Marie Ekeland resigned from the presidency of the National Council of Digital, following the dismissal of feminist and anti-racist activist Rokhaya Diallo. The government assumes its decision.

The crisis has erupted. Marie Ekeland announced Tuesday that she was resigning from her position as president of the National Council of Digital (CNNum), which she had occupied for just one week. At issue, a virulent controversy around the appointment of feminist and anti-racist activist Rokhaya Diallo. The government had asked Marie Ekeland to review her copy and replace the writer. She  finally chose to slam the door . “The reactions that followed this appointment make me realize how much my bet was daring and innovative,” says the entrepreneur  in a statement. “At home, in our country, we do not want to hear dissonant voices. How much we no longer know how to calmly discuss our differences of opinion. How difficult we are to put ourselves in the shoes of others. How social networks and immediacy of the political game fuel speech violence and stigma. It pains me to see our country as far from the democratic values that are mine. “Twenty members of the CNNum, out of thirty in total,  have also announced their resignation .

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